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Attention: We are not a seller of personlised reg numbers, we are a plate maker.


Welcome to Bike Plates Direct, the UK’s leading retailer of premium quality, road legal motorcycle number plates. Use our plate builder below and order online for same day dispatch.


Product specs:

  • Compliant to British Standards (BS AU 145 e)
  • Fully reflective to conform to road laws in the UK
  • Road legal (unless show plate option is selected)
  • Strong, hard-wearing acrylic
  • Water and sun fade resistant
  • Can use a pressure washer
  • Motto-Tex printing, our custom in-house print technique for vibrant gloss finish
  • Customisable with borders and badges


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Q: Are your ‘legal style’ motorbike plates ok for use on UK roads?

A: Yes. Our plates can be used legally on the road in the UK and conform to British standards.

Q: What size should a motorcycle number plate be in the UK?

A: 9 x 7 inches, or 228 mm x 178 mm. This is the default size when you select ‘legal style’ on our plate maker ensuring your plate will conform to road laws.

Q: How are your motorbike plates made?

A: We have a team of twelve dedicated specialists that carefully hand-craft each motorcycle number plate we produce to ensure unrivalled quality. With over 275 years of combined experience, you’re in good hands.

Q: Are your motorbike plates simple to fit?

A: Fitting your new bike plate is simple and we do offer fitting kits if required which can be purchased at checkout. For full information on fitting your new plate, check out our bike plate fitting page

Q: Do I need a front facing number plate on my motorcycle as well as a rear plate?

A: Motorcycles registered on or after 1 September 2001 must only display a number plate at the rear of the bike. If your bike was registered before then you can display a motorcycle plate on the front, but this is not a legal requirement in the UK.

Q: How do I care for my motorcycle plate?

A: Our motorcycle plates are very low maintenance. However, in the UK it’s deemed an offence to have a number plate that doesn’t show your registration clearly and things like mud and dust can obscure the view of your number plate. Ensure you regularly wash your plate to ensure you’re in-keeping with the law. You can use a pressure washer to clean your bike plate.